Friday, October 17, 2008

School Days and Pizza! Pizza!

Bren is loving school this year!
I can already see big improvements in her learning.
Despite all of our workbooks
and drilling over the past year or so,
Bren still struggled with her
alphabet recognition.
But this month, she's been the letter Queen!!
She spots them everywhere
and excitedly
let's us know what they are.
This is such a relief for me
because I was beginning to think we may have
a long road ahead of us in the reading department.
{On a side note, Michael,
who we did have a very long road with
is doing so much better this year!}

Despite this sudden learning/retention surge,
Bren will tell you that her favorite thing at school is still recess!
I'm going to her school in a few hours to help in her class.
I'm the "Friday room mom"!

We're going to the pumpkin patch with her class this month
and I can't wait for the photo ops there!
Speaking of photo ops,
I've been hired to be the photographer
for the Fall social on the 24th!
I just bought my backdrop stand and
will be driving to Seattle this weekend
to pick up my backdrop paper in "chestnut".
I think this color will showcase just about every
costume beautifully
and when I add in a few large pumpkins and maybe
a bail of hay or a weathered chair,
the photos will have a warm fallish feel to them.
I'm so excited about this opportunity!!!

In other news,
Zach has landed his first job!!!!
He's now working at Little Caesar's Pizza
in Marysville!
He's in training now and tells us he loves it!
The people he works with are fun
and the place stays very busy,
so his time goes by quickly.
He's saving up for a car now.
Hopefully, he'll have one by Spring!


Laura said...

That is not Bren!!. That girl looking so grown up and getting so big, it can't be Bren. Holy gosh, she looks so grown up there on the school grounds. Also...her shirt is just way perfect for these shots.

Congrats to Zach on his first job!.

Sounds like things are busy but going well.

Take it easy, and also, when you get a chance, Ive done some recent snapping with Oly and yes..I even played with shutter speeds!. Even I am pretty impressed by them.

Rebekah said...

wtg Bren on being Alphabet Queen! I think all kids like recess most - that, or lunchtime :)