Sunday, February 24, 2008

Uncle Ray-Rays got one tooth chili!

We are the proud winners of this year's annual chili cook off at Faith Baptist Church!!

David created a masterpiece and gave it a name appropriate for his homeland.....and he won by a landslide! There were about 35 entries and taking home first place meant we got a gift certificate for Texas Roadhouse!

Yeee-hawwww! I see some prime rib in our future!


This is a kind of hodge podge post with a little of this and that.

I wanted to give a shout out to boutique cafe. They held a photo contest a while ago and I was one of the winners. I won with this photo......

and I won this great digital photo frame from Phillips.

Love it!!!


Bye-Bye dork boot!!!

So at my first physical therapy appointment, I was told that the boot has got to go! I was given instructions to get my foot in a tennis shoe over the weekend.

Task complete!

I managed to get my big ole swollen foot into my own tennis shoe and I can even stand on it and sorta limp walk with the assistance of just one crutch! I've still got a long road ahead of me, but this is MAJOR progress for me!

I've also got a long list of excercises to do to try to work out the stiffness in my ankle and improve my range of motion.

So long dork boot! I can't say I'll miss ya!


Missy said...

Hello, this is your dork boot sister in Texas. I had bunion surgery in Dec and your boot is much cooler looking than mine, FYI. I put a shoe on today and screamed so I guess I will have mine a bit longer. Sigh.

jonahbonah said...

I'm so droolin' over your digi frame!! I want one SO bad!!!

I'm happy for ya!! You get to lose the boot! I can't imagine having an injury like yours. I hope you are up and dancing soon!

JOY said...

Your not alone sweetheart, I have a dork boot in my car trunk. hopeing NEVER! to use it again , I am so glad your on your way to ---Two legs once again, never to be taken for granted! Two footed what a blessing . We never miss what we never missed.But when it is taken away it will never be forgotened. Praise God for all the blessing we take for granded.xxoo