Monday, February 25, 2008

Done with "B" week!!

We are plugging right along with Bren's new, more structured life.....which really means that MY own life has to be more structured.....and being a spontaneous and dripping with fun sanguine....I ain't liking it...not one bit!
Making the chart part was fun! I bet those of you who know me well thought I'd trashed the chart by now, huh? Well, we are still hanging in there!
We've struggled on a few days and things haven't always gone as planned, but we are finished with "A" week and "B" week and today begins "C" week!!

This past week Bren learned to write Bee, Bug, Blue, Bren and Ball! I usually write out about 15-20 words that begin with our letter of the week and then let her choose the word she wants to learn on that day. Making the choice allows Bren to think she has control, and this girl is all about control....but unfortunately so is her Mom!

She works hard on her word of the day and writes it over and over until it looks just like mine. Then she turns her paper over and writes it from memory....and then she does a happy dance!

And then she poses for a picture with her word of the day that she has written all by herself!

Sometimes two pictures!

And then she hangs it on her word of the day tree. My intention was for this to just be a nice apple tree, but so far almost every word of the day has made it on to this tree in some form or another.

Bren's chart is getting full of stickers! It's even fuller now as this photo was taken last week. If she keeps this up she'll win the grand prize in a few weeks..... a movie date! She and I will go see that karate panda movie if all goes well.
Bren's Bible verse this week is Psalms 119:105.
For the first two days, this is how she said it....
"Your word is a lamp for my feet, and a light for my pants!"
Well, you just never know when you might need your pants lit up!


jonahbonah said...

I love it! Girl you are such an inspiration!!! The boys and I made bunnies the other day. We've been adding a word every day...on a carrot! Thanks for the super idea!
The chart is our next project!!!
I LOVE how Bren said her verse! I read to my hubby....he got a chuckle too!

JOY said...

GOLLY DAY! you trill me , bring back so many memories when you were a tot. XXOO

TheCatLord said...

what a great idea! congrats to bren!!!