Friday, February 22, 2008

More Winter Magic!!!

Everytime it snows, the excitement that flows through our house is contagious! Bren's eyes fill with wonder and then she whispers "It's snowing!" as if speaking it out loud would break the spell.

Bren loves the snow!!!! We all enjoy it, but Bren and Michael live for it! These two are hard to contain when snow is on the ground! They both want to rush out immediately to play in it and they'd both stay out way past their noses turning blue if it were up to them!

The boys had so much fun snow ball fighting! I think each of them had a face full of snow at some point. I was nice and warm and content to sit in the van and snap photos all afternoon, but man, what I would have given to have been able to get out there with them and defend my own imaginary castle with flying snowballs!

This is my favorite shot of the day. Something about it just makes me smile! I don't know if it's the oversized black gloves with the rhinestone hearts that she insist on wearing, the orange sled that she cried over and refused to use for the first half hour of the day because it wasn't purple or the fact that this is my last baby and she's just such a bundle of quirky, daring, exhuberance....
whatever it is, I love it!

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