Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Confessions of a TV junkie!!!

There is no way I am ready to pick a favorite or even a top five yet!

I think this is the best season so far, and I'm really looking forward to seeing who makes it through tomorrow night!

That boy who lives in his car who kinda bombed his last song really has my heart, but I also love the Austrailan who rocked out Queen, and the Irish girl who nailed Heart's song. I don't bother learning their names unless I know they are sticking around. I learned that lesson with Sundance!

Somehow not learning their names keeps an element of detachment for me, and keeps me from really pulling hard for them. When I start cheering for them loudly by name as they perform, I know it's too late...I'm in! And so, this season, with all the talent that has been cut already, it's way too early in the game for my heart to get broken! So, I will refer to them by their "story" or some other descriptive term until we are on far more solid ground.

Were any of you able to pick solid favorites yet?

Now, since we are talking about TV, which sadly has become a MUCH bigger part of my daily life since I broke my ankle, but understandably so since I'm on day 41 of doctor's orders to sit and ice my elevated foot........I've got to bring up LOST!!

Any other Losties out there?
You know, I never really understood the brotherhood of Star Trek fans and their conventions and secret hand signs....but I gotta tell ya, if there was a hand sign for Lost, I'd be doing it! I really enjoy the intrigue of this show. It's smart, it keeps you guessing, it has multi-layered elements that are like a puzzle to figure out and it has an insane amount of message boards full of fanatical fans with crazy theories as to what it's all about! I've only been to the boards once or twice and was a little freaked out by just how fanatical these fans are, so in order to keep from going completely over the edge, I've decided that it is much safer to adore this show from my couch!
What more can you ask for in weeknight entertainment?

My husband and I have watched it from season one and we really love the anticipation of each new episode. We love the mind game of trying to figure out all of the elements of the show. It's addictive and fun and something we like to share together.

So far, he's not thrilled with the new season. I, on the other hand, know that this all must lead to something. Something mind-blowing! JJ Abrahms is too great a producer to let this fizzle out or become some stupid island of pergatory or something lame like that. I know he's got something up his sleeve, and although he didn't really deliver a strong ending to Alias, I've got faith in him for an incredible culmination for Lost!

There are some pretty interesting theories going around out there. If you follow the show, what are your thoughts on it? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear what your opinions are.

Ok...so back to reality.......and Survivor!!!!

This is another show that David and I love to watch together. Zach likes this one too and we make a point of sitting together on Thursdays to root for our favorite cast-a-way. This season, much like last season, we are fans of James. We also can't count Ozzy out as we feel like he was robbed of a win in his season. So far none of the survivor fans have caught our attention, so we are pulling for the favorites right now.

Farewell Fairplay! That elimination could not have gone better! Go be a great dad and stay off the reality shows, man!

Ok, at the risk of sounding like a TV junkie, I better stop now. Truth is, I probably am a bit of a junkie when it comes to certain shows...but thanks to the magic of DVR, we are able to fit them into our schedule when we want to and hey, it's cheaper than a movie!

Pass the popcorn!!!


Anonymous said...


Seriously if you miss an episode you really do get lost. Ive been watching since the start and I do have to admit all first season when stuff would happen in the bushes, or they would hear something I kept thinking to myself please PLEASE dont let it be a dinosaur. Then they got to the hatch again im thinking dont let there be a dinosaur in there. So I am happy to say that since there have bene no dinos the show has been made more love to me. I think having a dino on a lost island would just be to, well obvious.

I love how the love triangle for a bit was Jack, Sawyer and Kate. I must say that I deafintlay like Jack and Kate together and LOVE Sawyer for his quirks and comebacks.

Charlie!!! my poor Charlie!. I LOVE Claire and Charlie and if there was a couple that I wanted to make it, it would have been Charlie, Claire and Aaron

I also adore Sun and Jin. They have come along way, so im interested to see where there story goes to.

I also would have LOVED if Libby didnt die cause she seemed just so perfect for Hurley. Awww *sniff*

Im really interested to see what happened with Locke, he bugs me at times others I just REALLY want to know what he is doing.

The others...again not sure on them, but its stuff like that that draws me in to see where they are going to go with it.

Now add some guys dropping in from a plane and eeeep Im hooked!

Ahem...Lost is love ^_^

Mari said...

LOST fan here too Becca! LOVE it!

American Idol too!!

JOY said...

I am with ya! Ilook forward to American Idol every week ,its looking really good.As for Lost well Iam lost .Wished i would have committed from the start to late now.XXOO

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Linda (ribbon rock star) is a big Lost junkie too.

Didn't you think Fairplay was pulling something up till the last minute?! I sure did!

I've started to really like Lipstick Jungle! I tried Cashemere Mafia and didn't like it.

And of course I ALWAYS love a good makeover show like How Do I Look, or What Not To Wear, or even home ones like Flip That House.