Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick Update!

I hate picture-less posts, but I thought I'd better hop on here and give you some Idol reaction before it got away from me!
I was not really all that impressed with the girls on Wednesday night. There were a few that I hope go far, but I'm still with Jason Castro for the win!!
My son, Zach is pretty smitten with Kristie Lynn Cook, so I'm hoping she sticks around awhile too. Other girls I liked were Alaina and Kady.
I was in total agreement with those that were cut tonight too.
Now about Lost....WOW!!!! It just gets weirder and wilder and more intriguing by the week, doesn't it? You gotta love gold ole Jack coming through for Kate in court. Did you catch that sweet smile he shot her on his way in? Charming as ever! Any guesses on Ben's net worth or how he got all that money in the first place? Where the heck is that helicopter? And how do you think Kate acquired Aaron?
Here's my quick update on me....
I'm now weight bearing! yipppeeee! I'm weaning myself off of crutches and start physical therapy in the morning. I'm a little freaked out about it because the doctor refilled my vicodan specifically so I could cope better with whatever they are going to do to me in that room with all the elastic bands, weights and big rubber balls!
I'm sure I won't sleep much tonight worrying about the pain that is sure to come! Wish me luck as I try to get the mobility back in this stiff, swollen ankle of mine!
I really appreciate all of your prayers, encouragement and support so far!
Coming up soon is a post about this old New England house. I walked (hopped) around with my camera today and took some shots of some of it's more unique and interesting elements, so come back soon to see what they are.

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