Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Back in the saddle!!!

Well, sorta. At least I've got the camera back in my hand and am aiming it at something other than the things that are accessible from my bed!
I was soooo incredibly happy to be able to shoot my best friend's little boy, Matthew as he explored the beach of the Atlantic ocean in Newport, Rhode Island.

I still had to stand in one place leaning up against the front of my van for balance, but thanks to my lens, it appears as if I was playing on the beach right along with him!

I just love this picture of him and his mom Linda. She found the skeleton of a crab and he came running to see what it looked like.

I held this little boy within hours of his birth....I just can't believe how big he is now!

I love this one of Scott, Linda and Matthew at the entrance of Fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island. I can't wait to do some photos of them with their other three kids too!

Matthew climbed a tree for the first time in my back yard! Check him out! He was a natural!

He also was quite the "tree swinger" with the help of his mom!

We were so blessed to have Scott, Linda and Matthew here for 8 days to help celebrate David's commissioning. Linda helped so much around the house doing all of the things that I could not do. She even mopped my that's true friendship!! I met Linda in California and we became fast friends. She has since become one of the most treasured and adored people in my life.
Scott gave the innvocation and benediction at the ceremony and did a wonderful job.
The four of us were able to get out on their last night here and go see the movie 27 Dresses. We all had such a good time and were so sorry to see them go.
We are so excited to move to Washington state where we will live only 4.5 hours from them!!
We are looking forward to weekend visits, camping trips and being close enough to spend some time together!

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