Saturday, February 23, 2008

All Dolled Up!!

The eye shadow and lipstick were flying in Bren's room today! It's a lazy Saturday for us with no plans for venturing outside the house into the snow covered world.

I heard giggles coming from Bren's room and I had to grab my camera! Madison and Bren were fully emersed in makeover-ville and I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to immortalize the moment!
It wont be long until Madison is a teenager and a new set of priorities will demand her time. The allure of little girlhood will soon be replaced by the first hints of womanhood. The batting of Bren's eyes as she requests a bit of Madison's time to play will no longer have as strong of a hold over Madison as more grown up ventures will.

It will be a sad day when the seven years that separate them start to take their effect, but today I have them like this. Today they are just two little girls playing make over on a flowery bed. Today Bren has her big sister's undivided attention. Today no boys are calling the house to take Bren's best friend away. Today there is no one else in the world but the two of them.

Oh how I wish I could keep it this way! But I hear the clock ticking, even through my fingers which are pushed tightly against my's ticking louder every day. Madison can't sit at Bren's tea party table forever though. A change is on the horizon.

But change doesn't have to be bad. What a lucky girl Bren is to have Madison walk the road of life before her! As Madison grows, I hope she will continue to be a good example for Bren. Bren's impressionable eyes are watching her big sister very closely. Madison is a very smart, level headed, compassionate girl and I'd be proud if Bren followed in her footsteps!

Thank you, Madison, for being such an adoring big sister to Bren. As you stand in the doorway between the little girl world and the teenage world, thank you for still embracing the imaginary, for still welcoming fairies and make-believe and for still lighting up Bren's world with your charm, with your time and with your love.
You are the best, sweetie!


Anonymous said...

Oh I have some good news for you! I am 7 years older than all my siblings, and 8 years older than my first sister (brother came first then sister-Dustin is reading over my shoulder and said my comment was confusing!) and we have always been very close.


JOY said...

RElAX-- I see the hand writing on the wall. Madison and Brendell are nit together ,Madison will always be there for Bren,They have a special sister hood. xxoo

Cindy D. said...

***Sniff*** What a beautiful post. Your girls are so lucky to have each other for sisters, and you are so blessed to be their mom! Thanks for sharing them with your readers.

Mari said...

Oh Becca, you have me sobbing!! Chloe and her sister are 10 years apart and your post is so sweet!

Mari said...

Oh Becca, you have me sobbing!! Chloe and her sister are 10 years apart and your post is so sweet!