Saturday, February 23, 2008

If These Walls Could Talk.....

I'm sure they'd have quite a story to tell!

Built in 1897 on the site of a battlefield, this house has seen it's share of memories. It was one of the first built here on the hill in this New England town overlooking Sakonnet Bay on one side and Narragansett Bay on the other. It's unique features are many.

These tiles adorne the walls of one of the upstairs bathrooms. While the dark color is not my taste, these have grown on me for their unique sunflower design and I've actually come to like them.

This is the tile on our master bathroom floor. I really do like this color. We've paired it with red accents and it makes the bathroom look fresh and bright.

This is the front staircase. I love the wood railing! It reminds me of the staircase in the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" where the wooden piece kept coming off. It's quite charming!

This house has some unique light fixtures too, all from different eras.

This light fixture is in our foyer. One of the things I love about this house is the original dark wood ceiling in the foyer, living room and dining room.

A variety of vintage door pulls and knobs speak to the age and charm of this house.

I could not wait to live in a sprawling, old new england home! I love the unique qualities of it and the history it holds. With close to 6,000 total square feet, this house has been fun to explore. We haven't put in the effort to make it our own though because we knew we'd only be here for 11 months. Given the chance, I could really make this house shine and each room would have a distinct, inviting personality, but for practical reasons, I've had to supress that creative energy and save it for a home that we will occupy for a greater length of time.

I must say though, that while this has been a dream experience for me, I have learned that old homes are ALOT of work!! They are super expensive to heat and take quite a bit of energy to keep up. I do love it's charm though, so maybe in the future, we'll build or buy a newer home that is designed with vintage charm.

The best of both worlds!


Kelly @ Love Well said...

What a beautiful house! I agree -- the best of both worlds is to build a house with vintage style and charm. If I ever get my dream house, that's exactly what I would do.

Why are you only there 11 months, by the way? It sounds like us.

Becca said...

Hi Kelly!
We are military and since my husband made Officer, we've got to move. We'll be on our way to the Seattle area in a few weeks!!
You said we sounded like ya'll....what moves you from place to place?

Rebekah said...

Becca, that is a lovely tribute to the small, unique beauties that make up an older home. I especially love that green tile in your master bath!

I vote for the newer home that is designed with vintage charm, though, because I'm such a cheapskate when it comes to energy bills ;)

The Silly Wagon said...

I am dying to know what you shoot with, including the lens!! A friend of Dilly Bop~ Whitney