Monday, January 14, 2008

Whoo-hoo...Snow Day!!!!

My kids are so excited! This is their first official Snow Day! They've had days where it snowed, but this is the first day that snow has canceled school! Their giddiness is palpable!
Being the excellent parents that we are, David and I are totally using this as leverage!
So, David brought out "The List" and right now the dust is flying at my house! The wonderful smell of Mr. Clean permeates the air and I can hear the vacuum running in the distance....ah! Music to my ears!
They've each got about three major tasks that need to be done before the snow gear goes on and they leave the house for a day of sledding behind our house.
I can't wait to go downstairs in about an hour to see the fruits of their labor and to also see the snow! Most of our windows are covered with plastic to keep the drafts out, so I haven't seen the snow yet. I'll get some pictures and post them soon.

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Rebekah said...

That is THE BEST way to get my kids to do chores, too!!! But since we only have snow about once a year here in TX, and it hasn't happened yet this winter, I'm thinking I need to find another motivating desire to get it cleaned up around here!

Hope you're feeling better :)