Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apples, Bananas & Sushi!

So David and Bren went out to run errands today and they came back with goodies!!!

They stuffed a basket with lots of snacky things and brought it up to sit beside my bed. awwwww!

And they brought me sushi for lunch! Yum!!!

And a few days ago, David brought home this cushy seat back to try to help me fight the never ending "pillow to brick" syndrome that seems to plague me!
And of course a few time spenders for Bren! She LOVES to do workbooks and it's something that she can sit here and do beside me.

I. am. blessed.


Dana said...

your one lucky momma.

foot issues aside that is.


Jordan said...

hey mrs. rebecca, this is jordan :)
i have a question, like on the first picture that you posted on this, how do you get the bowl of snacks to be in focus, but the background behind it to be blurry. you had some other ones from when it was snowing where you had a picture of a tree branch with snow on it and it was in focus but behind it was not. my mom was asking me how, and i told her that i had no idea. haha. my email is jordan_keene2010@yahoo.com if you want to answer me on there :)

oh and by the way, i have some pictures that i have taken that my mom wants me to send to you to look at. so i'll get to that soon!

The Bean said...

hey girl - hoping you are on the mend!


PamperingBeki said...

How precious!

That sushi looks delish. :)

I had to laugh when I opened your blog today and we're sporting the same opening song again!! Haha! I had to look it up after hearing it on the commercials.

kristi said...

Very sweet!