Monday, January 7, 2008

Musings from the bed.....

Some things I have learned while being stuck in bed...
1. According to HGTV, my style type is Ethnic Eclectic.
You can take your own quiz here to find out what your style is.
2. I hate the viewers choice for the Dream home Master Bedroom design. Blue stripes? It just doesn't fit the house at all. I think it is way to "country".
3. I think I could flip my own house now after all the hours of home improvement/decorating/appraising and staging that I have watched this week. A skill that might come in handy someday....ya never know.
4. I can go exactly 8 daylight hours without peeing! hey, when crutching your way to the bathroom is the equivilent of piercing your foot through the heel with a sword and then twisting it with every step, you learn the value of mind over matter!
5. Just because the first prescription of pain meds that I was given said to take 1 or 2 pills every 4 hours ( which I modified to one pill every 2 hours ), does not mean that the new prescription hubby picked up is to be taken the same way. I've been taking one every 2 hours for the last three days and just realized when I uploaded this photo that the directions say 1 or 2 pills every SIX hours! ooops! No wonder the room spins every time I sit up!

6. Besides pain management and water, two absolute essentials for me are chapstick to keep my lips soft and lotion for my face. And a nice gift basket from grandma is just icing on the cake! My mom also sent me a gift basket of nuts and fruits...perfect for bedside snacking.

7. If Bren and I keep going at the rate we are with her workbooks, she might be ready for middle school by the time I transition to my regular shoe! She's just blazing through them! Getting her to read a little might be a nice goal while I have all of this downtime.

8. Nothing beats a bedside visit from someone who thinks you "got that rama-jamma" ( a quote taken from one of her big sisters old cheers.) Even though it took her fours days to get over the fear of hurting my foot, Bren now spends a good part of each day sitting in bed with me.


Joyce said...

SOOO good to see your face , It is so hard to think of you in pain, Your 38 and I feel your hurt like you were yet a little child! two weeks and i will be there hopefully .XXOO

Libby Brady said...

Awe, Becca.. sweet, sweet pics! love the heart on your foot & you & Bren snuggling!
I sent you an email.. hope you got it!

Praying for you!

momy4him said...

you crack me up! good to hear you still have your sense of humor even in pain. thankful for all things always, right?