Friday, January 18, 2008

Daddy's Princess

It's been so heart warming watching these two bond over the past 19 days.

Today was another errand day and Bren needed her hair blow dried before she could leave for an exciting day with Daddy.

She so loves these errand days and David says that she is always such a joy to take along. She enjoys shopping and being out on the town, so with me being down, it's so nice that David looks forward to bringing her with him.

It just melts my heart watching David be so gentle and attentive with Bren. She sat there for him way longer than she ever sits for me. She just sat there content and unmoving except for her feet which she playfully swung back and forth.

I think she felt special, paid attention to, cherished and just down right loved by the most important man in her world right now, and that is what being daddy's princess is all about.

That kind of sense of being loved causes an unmistakeable glimmer in the eyes and glow on the skin. Happiness that bubbles up from within and just explodes with sparkling giggles that dance around in the air lending their giddiness to the weariest of souls.

Lucky. Lucky, Girl!


Joyce said...

David ,you are my dream Son-n-Law!HOW blessed am I XXOO

Anonymous said...

there is NOTHING sweeter than the bond between a daddy and his girl or in our case a daddy and his girls.....its one of my favorite things to watch.