Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Starbucks Schmarbucks!

Ohhhhhhhhh, that Venti Java Chip Frappe is the bain of my existence!!! What on earth possessed me to infuse myself with an ungodly amount of caffeine when, HELLO, I am immobilized?!!!!!
So much for 8 pee free hours! I'm now dispensing straight black coffee into the toilet every 28 minutes!
I am convinced that there is a family of spiders that have taken up residence and are mulitplying as we speak deep inside of my cast! They are running up and down my foot and causing much frustration on my part!
I have a sudden urge to clean my shower with a toothbrush, no matter how I have to arrange myself to do so! I must fiddle. with. something. NOW!!
I have chatted and giggled incesently with two separate nurses who have called to get me pre-registered for tomorrow. I am sure they have ear marked my medical folder for phsychiatric evaluation!
I have no idea if any amount of anesthesia exists that can bring me down from this crazy buzz!!!
Sweet nectar of heaven ( as I had called this drink in a previous post) my butt!


Amy said...

Oh wow! Good luck in surgery.

Cheryl said...

I had a Starbucks at work today, and it is definitely a drug to me. I normally only have caffeine on days off.

I'll say a prayer for you tomorrow. I know it will be fine. Maybe you could have a Venti Java Chip Frappe in recovery. They do have bedpans, you know.

Cyn said...

Just wanted to say that I hope your surgery and recovery go well. I'm glad you have your sense of humor still intact (BTW, love the eye-candy-photo of Dr. McDreamy in a below post).

Sending loads of heal-quickly-vibes to you.

Tammy K said...

Good luck with your surgery Becca! I'll pray for a speedy recovery.

PamperingBeki said...

Oh Becca, I'm so sorry you have to go through this!! Ouch!!

And I hear you on the buzz. I do that to myself far too often. I *think* I want a coffee, but then I get such a buzz I can't stand the feeling.

Valerie said...

So sorry about all of your craziness with the foot! I am so happy to hear that surgery went well. May you have a quick & speedy recovery!

Cathy said...

So Glad all went well Becca! I'll be hoping for a speedy recovery for you. Hopefully we will be able to meet before your move. Take the rest time as It usually doesn't come often.