Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy work for bored hands....

Ok, it's Day 18 since my injury and I am soooooo done with this bed! I mean really, really done! I need something to do to keep my mind busy besides reading e-mails and blogs and searching craigslist for houses in the Everett, Washington area.
So, today David brings me a huge bin of bows and hair accessories to sort. I am trying to make the donate pile bigger than the keep pile. We'll be moving across country soon and so it is very necessary to downsize.

It was fun going through all of those millions and millions of bows! Funny thing is, the bigger Bren's head gets the smaller her bow size of choice is.

Coming from the south and being deeply rooted in the e-bay custom boutique world, Bren has definitely been a big bow girl for most of her life!! When people would comment on them we would always say that it was a great way to keep from loosing her in a crowd. Those bows are hard to overlook!

Walk down memory lane with me......

These days Bren's all about clippes, hair flowers, cool headbands and smaller bows.
Speaking of fun accessories, my friend Beki from Pampering Beki makes some adorable clippies and hair flowers along with some beautiful jewelry for little girls and moms too. Check out her etsy store and she's got a fun contest on her blog right now!
In other news.....
I'm Sooooo Happy that American Idol has made it's return! One can only watch so much FOX News, HGTV and re-runs before one snaps!!! It has been entertaining so far, hasn't it? Do you have your favorites yet? I've got a few!
Since Greys Anatomy is a re-run tonight, I'll be looking forward to watching Celebrity Apprentice. I've enjoyed that so far. I'm really rooting for Stephen Baldwin since he has a ministry that I think is awesome. Having two teenage boys, I'm so appreciative that there are things out there like this!


Joyce said...

HOW you make my heart shine!!! my Daughter .I two as you know belive in the livin it ministry, which is livin it where ever God puts you . All Gods kids have a ministry to others ,to let them know in word and deed in our humble imperfect way with out the love of God there is no everlasting purpose!!!! in this world,all is vanity. Stephen Baldwin as you would say Rocks, a brother in Christ:-)

Steffi said...

What for great and cute pictures!Wonderful!Great work!

PamperingBeki said...

Can I just say "ditto" to your entire post? :)

We're going through my dd's bows and getting rid of them because she's much more into clippies and hair flowers these days. (Of course she's older than Bren.) And I've been loving American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice this season!

Thanks for the shout out to my blog. :)

Sandi Henderson said...

(I tried responding to your email earlier but it came back to me-so I'm posting it here for the whole world to see LOL.)

Oh don't even mention it!

I can't stop thinking about you-I am seriously ansty about my ankles as I've completely torn all the tendons in both of them and neither are the same as they used to be. (not as bad as your situation of course.) So anyhow, I kind of know how it feels to have your ankle screwed up.

I love visiting your blog! Why don't more people have music on theirs? You and I have the same taste and I find myself searching out music I've heard on yours. Never even heard of Landon Pigg until hearing it on your blog, but I love them now!

Keep on mending, you'll be back at it soon.