Monday, January 7, 2008

This Makes Me Happy....

Even though the yellow background is not right for this designer, I'm still so happy with these photos because for me they represent hope.

I'll be re-shooting these adorable sets in hi-key after my surgery, but I could not help posting a few of my favorites anyway.

I think I may frame this one for my wall. Something about the bench and her smile I just love.

Madison was able to get in on this shoot too with these cute coordinating jeans!


Cheryl said...

These are beautiful. I can't wait to see what hi-key does to enhance them. I'm not familiar with the term. Hope you're feeling better today.

Becca said...

Thanks Cheryl! hi-key is an all white background. While I love the yellow, the hi-key will look much better on this designers website.
Thanks for your well-wishes. I'm heavily drugged right now, and feeling comfortable. The goal is heavily comfortable with no drugs though! :)

Laura said...

I to have to aadmit that these are stunning, seriously nothing to be unhappy with. Im seriously loving the one of Bren and Maddie. They turned out all great!. The hi key will look great to for something different but there is just something about the yellow wall and the hardwood that grabs my attention.

Hope your feeling better!

momy4him said...

do you have white backgound paper for someone to set up for you? back in the day when you thought i was all pro with hi-key photos, i was using a white sheet. got one of those? get your boys to tack one up on a wall somewhere, or screw hooks into the ceiling, and hang it using fish wire and clothespins(yes, i did that once so stop laughing), what with all that hgtv watching i'm sure you can come up with a way. the kids can hang it and then you'll be good to go!