Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why I like having teenage sons

It only took the threat of losing his cell phone,
but Zach finally mowed the lawn!

Our lawn mower is about to bite the dust,
so while the yard is small,
it is a BIG chore to mow it.
Zach and Michael always do a great job on the lawn,
I just wish they liked to do it more!


Mo said...

Teenage help is good. :)

sue said...

Can't wait till my sons are older. Hi- was referred to your blog from xanga.com/leebenvic a while back and just kept coming back! I love all the pictures of your family. Your photography is really amazing. I also have 4 kids (2 boys/girls) but they're a bit younger so it's been interesting to see what's ahead for me. :)