Thursday, July 3, 2008

Flippy and Fun!

You gotta love a place where you can buy a t-bone steak to grill out, a pad lock for the back gate and get your hair cut too!!
The girls and I were shopping at Wal-Mart on Tuesday and on a whim decided to get Bren's hair cut.
Being a hairstylist's daughter, I would normally not choose Wal-Mart for a hair cut just as I'm sure my girls would not choose Wal-Mart for photo prints or studio sessions when they grow up, but it was right there and we were all in the mood.

Bren has been asking for a haircut for a few weeks now.
I knew it was necessary, but I still wanted to hang onto those soft (but very dry) curls as long as I could.
I bit the bullet though and signed her in before I lost my nerve.

Bren was good as gold,
feeling so big and special while I watched what remained of her babyhood fall to the ground in little champaign colored spirals.

She really wanted her hair cut to fall between her chin and shoulder so it would be free to swing. I, however, am not that brave yet.
I instructed the stylists to keep it at least two inches below her shoulders so that she could still wear pigtails if necessary.
Because she'll still be modeling hair accessories, I need her to still have that versatility.

Maybe once Kindergarten starts and the modeling tapers off, we can take the last couple of inches off so that she can have her swingy hair for Fall.
She'll be playing soccer this Fall, so a shorter bob might be better for that.
She's a spunky girl and a spunky cut that moves with her would suit her personality well.
Plus, it will always grow back right?

The cut was just what Bren needed.
Her hair finally looks thick and healthy.
All of the broken ends from too many pigtails are gone and now she has shiny, flippy hair that is much easier for me to manage!


Laura said...

Aww looking at the first pic before even reading I could tell she got a haircut and I must say it looks very fitting on her!.

Still liked the length before, but there is just something about this style, it makes your baby looked that much more grown up...prolly not what you wanted to hear LoL.

Great cut Bren, and way to be so brave!

Love the outfit, im going to pretend to think that with her in the red and white shirt its her way to show your Canadian friends to have a great Canada day ^_^.

Seriously Bren can really rock a bow!

angie.a said...

She is such a doll!

And look at you being all social and trying to meet new people! I'm happy for you! You'll have lots of friends in no time :D

Joyce said...

Love the hair , good move she brings a smile to my face ,such a cutie XXOO

Joyce said...

Love the hair , good move she brings a smile to my face ,such a cutie XXOO

Mari said...


Rebekah said...

Her haircut is darling, it suits her quite well!