Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Call me "Curly!"!!

How could Bren and I let our time together go by without having a "girly night"?
Last week I bought some sponge rollers
and Bren could not wait to sleep in them
and wake up to springy spirals.

So after a long bubble bath

where she played until her feet got all pruny,

I rolled her hair in 28 sponge rollers.

She looked so cute in them and could hardly settle down to sleep she was so excited!
I had no idea of the power of 28 blue sponge rollers!

But look what they did!!!!
They transformed her hair into millions of tiny spirals!!

At first Bren wasn't sure if she liked it or not.
I kept telling her that we could wash it out and start over but this time we'd roll them looser.

But the more we played with it, the more she liked it!
We settled on a big poofy ponytail and she was as happy as a clam!

"Just call me Curly today, mom" she grinned.

Here are some black and whites from this morning that I liked.

I think I really like this look on her and will definitely roll her up again.
I might try to use fewer rollers and roll bigger chunks of hair next time to see what we get.

And you know this can only mean one thing.......
I'm having company!!
They should be on their way from Spokane very soon!
My friend Linda, her daughter Katie and her sister Jennifer will be arriving tonight.
Tomorrow we'll go pick up Linda's mom and other sister at the airport in Seattle.
The five of them will leave for a trip to Canada on Friday.
They'll spend another night with me on their way back from Canada.
Tomorrow is also my wedding anniversary.... 16 years!


Mo said...

Love the curls. I remember wearing those when I was her age but don't remember having those kind of results.

Enjoy your company and happy anniversary!

Laura said...

Holy smokes look at those curls!. Ive done that before, only the last time I decided to curl em and sleep in em...yeah that was a few months ago now and ive STILL got the curl oye.

The curly ponytail is fun though its just so annoying keeping the hair not free. Even straightning my hair it starts to show curl by the end of the day.

Bren, I mean Curly, you could do anything with that hair of yours and still look adorable as ever!.

The one just before the black and white ones of her where it looks like she is sleeping is my FAV!. Also, for some reason there she really reminds me of Maddie.

Very cute pics and it looks like it was a fun day.

So...Becca....lets see the curls you got since it would seem fair that you curled Brens hair that she would get to stick some in yours hehe!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness she looks so cute. I am going to get some this weekend. I am sure Kyra would LOVE to try the curls.

Joyce said...


sweetfunkyvintage said...

Those curls are terrific - totally looks like a different child! They make the sponge rollers in larger sizes which will help make larger, looser curls too.
Happy anniversary!

"MoodyBlue" Jodi said...

WOW that is alot of curls. But she looks so cute with them. I really like the ponytail picture.

Happy Anniversary!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...


This must be one of the days that being a military wife really stinks. I'm praying God surprises you with many moments of delight today.

Daisy Cottage said...

Oh she is just soooooooooo precious! Gorgeous photos too! My hair was that curly when I was little!
Happy Anniversary!
Daisy Cottage

SEJ Photography said...

How cute those curls are! Sara wears the same blue curlers. Glad to see you are all settled now. Wishing you all well in your new home.

SEJ Photography

Rebekah said...

wowza, look at all those curls!! I like it in the ponytail, she looks so sophisticated.

The Downtown Boutique said...

Ok, NOW I know where I recognize your daughter from! I used to sell boutique clothing on Ebay, and so I was constantly looking at the other gorgeous boutique clothing there. I remember....