Friday, July 18, 2008

Madison's Makeover.....

Madison has been searching for a few weeks for a new hairdo.
She loved her longhair, but it was just getting too heavy and hot for her.
So she found a few photos and we went to the salon.
Doesn't she look gorgeous!?
It's amazing what a great cut and color can do to your whole countenance!
She loves her new hair so much!

She's so excited to go to Rhode Island with her new Summer look!

Both Madison and Zach leave for warmer climates this week!
Madison leaves on Monday and Zach leaves on Tuesday.
Also on Tuesday, Michael flies from Georgia where he's been spending time with his best friend to Florida to meet up with Zach.
If you think about it, keep my kids in prayer as they are traveling.....
and keep me in prayer as I hold my breath until everybody lands!!


Anonymous said...
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Laura said...

Awww I absouletly LOVE the last picture of Maddie. Simply Stunning. They are all great of course but there is just something about that last one.

Aww I will defo be thinking of the kids praying for safe flights and happy summers!.

Jodi said...

The last pic is so pretty. I wish I had hair like hers. It is gorgeous. Always children & teens have this gorgeous hair.