Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was reading the message board for Lincoln families this morning and got a little bit excited!
There was a post about how far we've come in this deployment and how little time is left on the calendar until we see our loved ones again!
Even though we aren't technically half way according to when we joined the deployment, I still get butterflies in my stomach when I look at the calendar and count up the time we have left!!
There's nothing like the reunion that happens for military families when we welcome home our loved one!
In honor of seeing the light at the end of this long tunnel,
I've borrowed this clip from you tube.....
And do a happy dance with me!!!


Joyce said...

Great! dance I almost got through the whole dance :-) Woo! a work out . David will be home before you know it and if anyone can match that dance its Dave the danceing machine. XXOO

Mo said...

Yay for you!!!

Baby Go Retro said...

I just love the almost halfway mark! Whoohoo!! Hey girl...definately let's do a movie..everyone is home (well not Mads..she is at Camp Mozingo..a friends pad for the week!) We need to go BTS shopping soon..you wanna grab a flick and do some shopping..maybe sometime in the next few weeks?? Kidsfaire is a HUGE faire for kids stuff and petfaire is at the same time in Northern Cali..I have a booth..CRAZY! Call me Crazy! So California here we come! Sounds like you are adjusting well to being a mom of 1 but I am sure you are missing everyone..enjoy the quiet while it lasts and Bren..I bet she is loving the mommy time! Sheila

sweetfunkyvintage said...

I love that video - it is my all-time favorite youtube clip!
Congrats on the deployment counting down! We start this weekend on one long 7+ month stretch stretch! :(

By the way, I love your blog music playlist. I open it and listen to it all the time!