Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trash the Dress!!!

I could not wait to share these photos!!
A few weeks ago, a photographer friend of mine invited me to a "trash the dress" session that she has set up.
We met at Alki Beach in Seattle and found a spot to shoot at.
We had three gorgeous models who were wonderful to work with.
Here is Sarah:

And Kelly:

And Christy:

This shoot was especially challenging to me because I don't normally shoot in full sunlight.
I had to do alot of trial and error on location in order to not get horribly harsh shadows.
I was so excited to think outside the box and try some new things.
Some worked and some didn't, but I was happy overall with the outcome.
With each new challenge comes growth and confidence.
I'm looking forward to many more creative sessions with these models and photographers.
I have a lot more photos to share from the shoot that do not involve a wedding gown, so be looking for those soon.


The Perfect Trio said...

why did they want to trash the dress???

i took beach photos right after my wedding and we ran through the ocean and played in the sand. well, that dress is hanging in my moms closet almost 7 years later. she SAID she was going to go get it presevered. hm, it's as good as ruined now!

those pics you took are beautiful!!!


Laura said...


I think ive found my wedding photographer LoL!.

Geez these are amazing!. I personally LOVE wedding pictures on the beach there is something I think that is just so calm and relaxing about it.

Out of Sarah's pics I LOVE the last one....she looks familiar to and I dunno why there is just something familiar about her face. Oh and for the reason of liking it, I think the splash is PERFECT!, the colors are vibrant and amazing, the flowers add that touch of color and her expression is awesome

Kelly's I really like how you captured the first one. Relaxing, calm, beautiful.

and Christys I like picture number 3. To me its very Little Mermaid when Ariel gets married only instead of being on the boat she is running on the sand. It just seems fun and the water tones and the little ruffle wave coming in adds a nice touch to it.

Love ya girl! Great pictures

"MoodyBlue" Jodi said...

Those pics are all beautiful! Christy can pass for a young Sarah Ferguson.

Mo said...

Great pictures by you!

Alki is a beautiful spot isn't it?

Rebekah said...

Wow, Becca, these are gorgeous. This sounds like a challenging & fun shoot, what a great experience!