Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In 35 days......

As if I needed another reminder that Bren starts school in 35 days,
my favorite designer Lisa sent this back to school themed set to us to model this week.
Isn't it adorable?!

Bren is beyond excited to be a big kindergartener.
I'm sure the excitement will only increase
as we go school supply shopping for all the essentials a rookie scholar needs.

She's ready.
Very ready.
Well, I am, but I'm not.
It depends on the day.

I'm sure that many of you mom's who have sent your last ones off to school
can relate to the mix of emotions.
It's a dizzying blend of joy,
pride, fear, relief, regret,
anticipation and expectation
with a splash of worry.

Do you think they will let me go with her the first day of school?

Nah....that would be overkill, huh?

As much as I think Bren would benefit from a full day of school,
it's a very good thing that we get to ease into this transition slowly for my sake.
Washington only offers half day Kindergarten tuition free.
So she'll only go for three hours a day.
That's hardly enough time to get home,
edit a few photos,
do a few dishes,
scrub a few bathrooms
and fold a load of laundry or two.
I'll be fine.

So, armed with thoughts of a clean house and uninterrupted photoshop time,
in 35 days
I'll put on a really big smile, choke down the tears, chide myself for even thinking of crying, choke them down again and lose myself in the excitement of this milestone.
I'll try to keep myself from breaking into a tearful rendition of "I Hope You Dance" as I walk Bren to her classroom for the very first time promoting my very last baby to the ranks of (gulp) elementary school child.
Geesh, and you wonder where Bren gets her drama?!


Mari said...

OVERKILL?! Ugh Becca..I just couldnt let go so YES I spent EVERY day of Kindergarten with Chloe! I became the room mom! Letting go this year is going to be so hard for me. First grade here we come! Good news though...I'll be helping in her old Kindergarten room this year and will still get to see my baby! Think I can spend all day with her in 1st grade? HA!! I'm so pathetic!

Laura said...

Awww okay pic three is my fav. I think it shows off the outfit fully well. I think this is such an adorable set!. And Bren naturally models it well!. Shes going to be one hip little kindergardener!.

The poses with her and the shades to fun and her looks are like dead on.

When the day comes and I have children and im letting my last one go I will totally have to email you I think LoL. Though I get a taste of it when my cousins go cause im used to them being around when I dogsit when they arent around you really gotta find stuff to fill your days with again.

Your going to be fine!. Remember its only three hours *hug*