Monday, July 21, 2008

Half Way Picnic!

This past Saturday we celebrated being half way through the deployment!
It wasn't exactly our half way since we joined in a little late, but it was a milestone anyway.

We decorated a pillowcase for David which is on it's way to him now.

Games like the sack race, relays and tug of war were organized for the kids.
There were even three pinatas for the kids to bust open.

There was a fun splash pad there at the park and Bren had a blast!

It was so fun meeting alot of lincoln wives!
There was a very good turn out of moms and wives and tons of kids Brendell's age.
I'm definitely looking forward to the next support group event.


Mo said...

Good times for sure!

Laura said...

Wow is that Bren's printing or did you or one of the older kids help her out. I love it its so cute.

Gosh Bren just keeps on growing, as most kids do LoL. Looks like the splash pad was a blast!.