Monday, July 28, 2008

A Pirate and Pink Cleats.....

So "Hook" was a hit on Saturday night!

Bren and I made our way to a field at dusk and set up our chairs to watch the forth movie in the "Popcorn in the Park" series sponsored by the Marysville parks and recreation department.

Bren is really into tinker belle lately,

so I knew she'd love Julia Robert's version of the pixie.

A long time fan of pirates, Bren really enjoyed Captain Hook too!

Another exciting thing that happened this week is that Bren's soccer coach called!!

Bren will be on an all girl U-6 team that will possibly be called

"the Pigtail Posse"!

Love it!

Her coach sounds super qualified and will be coaching his daughter (who is on Bren's team) and his son (who is her twin) and on an all boy U-6 team.

The teams will practice side by side so we will have the benefit of lots of scrimmages.

I'm super excited about this season!

I love soccer!

I played for many years

and was a fan of my brother Jason

and both of my sons for many years.

I took Bren to get soccer cleats on Saturday!

Very appropriately, they have pink bottoms and pink stripes!

These photos are for Daddy because I know he'd love to be the one going cleat shopping with her!

They have been Bren-tested and Bren-approved for fastness!

I can't wait to see her out on the field!!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Whats better then waking up at 5am all because you went to sleep at 9pm because you wanted to see if it was the fact that you were getting to much sleep and being restless....why waking up at 5am to see an adorable child in pigtails, wearing pink bottomed soccer cleats running through a store oh course!

Im sure she is going to have a blast!. I adore kids that play soccor, my cousins have the smaller ones eventually will be in it, and my three neighbour boys all did also and seriously there is nothing cuter then kids in soccer outfits. Plus its great excersize for them and fun to watch!.