Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Up, Up and Away!!!!

Ok, so I just put this beautiful boy on an airplane all by himself!

It's OK.

I've been doing deep breathing for the past week to prepare for it and I'm doing a good job fighting back the nausea that has threatened to take control of me ever since I watched him board the plane.

He's 14.

He'll be fine, right.

He's on his way to Las Vegas right now where he'll enjoy a lengthy layover ( which he will spend on the phone with me!!!) and then he'll board the plane toward the place where he'll spend the Summer of his life!

Michael and Josh met when we were stationed in Kings Bay, GA 3 years ago.

They became inseparable friends and some say, clones of each other.

It's hard to imagine another Michael in this world, but Josh comes super close!

They are so fun to watch together full of life, laughter and boy-ness.

You get lots of friends in this life, but only a precious few who are knit to your soul.

I'm so happy for Michael that he gets to spend five weeks with his best friend in this world.

Look at this crazy boy!
How on earth can he go anywhere and not leave a huge void in the place that he left?
I know that there are lots of loving arms in Georgia waiting to hug him.

Michael brings a new level of joy to everyone he meets.

He's hilarious, quirky, spontaneous and endearing.

His middle name is Isaac which means, "one who laughs".

Very appropriate.

We will miss him soooo much!

Here are Josh and Michael in Georgia....

I can't believe how young they both look here.

They will be surpised to see each other three years taller and three years more grown up.

I wish I could be there to watch the reunion.

After five weeks with Josh, Michael will fly to New Orleans where my brother will pick he and Zach (who is flying to New Orleans from Seattle) up and the boys will spend a few weeks in Florida.

They will learn how to be first mates on a fishing boat and take a possible quick trip to the Bahamas with my brothers to fish on a big yaht. My brother Jeremy is a fishing boat captain and my brother Jason is an expert on the water.

The boys are so excited to learn the ropes and see if this is something they might want to do after they finish school.

They will also have fun on the beach, at the waterparks and skateparks and spending time with all of our family down there.

Here the boys are with Jason (above) and Jeremy (below) in Pensacola a few Summer's ago.

My brother's rock for taking time out of their Summer to mentor the boys.

I won't quite know what to do with myself without Michael for two months and Zachary for one month, but I'm sure the girls and I will find lots of things to fill up our days.....

Can you say SHOPPING and GIRLS NIGHTS full of chick flicks, nail polish and facial masks????



Laura said...

Wow is it me or is there even a resemblance between Micheal and Jason?

What a lucky guy, I wish I could be telling a tale like that back when I was 14, I sadly cannot.

He looks so grown up in the first photo.

Im sure both Micheal and Zach will have some amazing adventures and you will be there with open arms and ears to hear of those tales.

Have fun shopping and girls nights with Maddie and Bren!

Mari said...

Call me!! Ive got two girls...we can fill up your long days!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Both of your boys will have the summer of their lives! What a fun agenda.

Here's hoping you and the girls can come up with something equally swell.

(Did I just say swell? Sorry.)

Joyce said...

Great Blog! Micheal and Zach will come back to the nest with stronger wings after spenting time with there uncle's. just one more step for you to set them free to fly. Your an awesome Mom.XXOO