Friday, June 6, 2008

Out of this world bubbles!

About a week and a half ago (when the sun used to shine here in Washington), we turned this bubble maker on for the first time and were amazed at the size of them!
check 'em out!

The coolest part was that the machine would blow a bunch of smaller bubbles inside the larger ones. It kinds looks other worldly to me.

Isn't there just something magical about bubbles?

Here is Michael trying to keep his bubble alive.

Here's a bit of a random recap of our week so far:
We had company for the beginning of this week.
My friend Linda, her husband Scott and their daughter Emily drove over from Spokane for a few days.
It was so fun having guests in the house!
I signed Bren up for fall soccer!
She's so excited about it and I can't wait to watch her play. She's very athletic and I'm sure she is going to love playing.
It's been raining since Monday.
The laundry is all caught up!!
I heard from David and got some more cool photos of a helicopter delivering huge boxes of food and supplies to the ship.
I love the communication that being attached to a carrier affords us.
When he would deploy on the submarine, I would only get one or maybe two e-mails a week and definitely no phone calls.
Being able to touch base everyday makes the separation so much easier.
I made dinner last night before 8pm!!!
I love my high lights and hair cut!!
I'll get Madison to take some photos when I get a chance.
Bren only left the house inappropriately dressed once or twice this week!
Madison is finally done with a huge school project that involved an elaborate scrapbook all about her including essays, poems, word searches, photos, short stories and art work! Whew!!
It's a good things she's creative and a hard worker!
I only had to ask the boys 6 times to mow the lawn this past weekend!
We remembered trash day!
We remembered it at 5 am the morning of, but that counts right?
The kids have about one week of school left until Summer vacation!
Ok, that's about it. You are now caught up on our exciting lives!
Aren't you glad you logged on today?
I'll try to make my post more interesting/witty/meaningful when I feel more interesting/witty/meaningful!
For now, I'm still concentrating hard on setting up a routine sans David and trying to get things running as efficiently and smoothly as possible.
Unfortunately it takes all of my brain cells to do this and then the cloudy weather saps whats left of my energy.
Never fear though!
I'll have this house running like a well oiled machine soon and I'm sure blue skies are on their way, so I promise that future posts will be worth logging on for!


Kelly @ Love Well said...

I commiserate over the lack of sunshine. It's been cloudy and raining here since Sunday, too, and our long-term forecast has no sun in sight. Ugh.

But the bubble pictures are beautiful. And finding a new normal with your kids is a bright spot, right?

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Nice to meet you!

Yes, I am feeling quite down about the non-ending downpours! The sun that last week was so beautiful!

Baby Go Retro said...

This weather is bad..ugh! Deiving me insane..and getting into a groove after the hubby leaves always take some time..don't forget my is fun..believe me! Call me when catch is a project in the works..


Laura said...

Sounds like a good week ^_^.

I love the bubbles, and its really amazing how much something so simple as a bubble can just change an entire photo. Love it.

Im sure Bren will love soccor, most of my cousins all did it when they were small and most have now switched to hockey, my almost 4 year old cousin he is starting his first year of soccor this year to and he is very excited.

Libby Brady said...

Sounds like you are handling everything great, Becca!! I caught up on your blog this morning- you are so good with words!! Thanks for sharing all the pics & stories ;)

Rebekah said...

I want one! Bubble machine, I mean!!! What's it called & where'd ya get it? Look at your big kids having some innocent fun - that right there is worth it :)

kristi said...

Cool bubbles!!

There have been many mornings when I haul our big trash can down our (rock) driveway at 5 am. UGH.