Sunday, June 15, 2008

Missing Dad on Father's Day!

It was such a gorgeous day today!
Bright blue skies, puffy white clouds, cool breeze...the works!
It was the kind of day that just begs you to be outdoors doing something in the sun.
The kids and I began our day at church where they had a special Father's Day car and bike show going on. After the service, which was awesome, they had a big BBQ with a band and tons of awesome cars and bikes out for show.
We walked around a little bit and I looked at the engines of the open hooded cars.
I tried to smile, nod and look impressed and look like I knew what I was looking at, but frankly it just looked like a bunch of metal and some wires.
After that we dropped Zach off at the house because what I wanted to do for the afternoon drew nothing but complaints from him. Unfortunately, we've reached that point in our lives where what is fun for the family, is usually not the funnest thing for the grumpy, opinionated (can you tell it has not been the best week?) teenager.
So, in order to not endure the constant complaining in my ear all day long, I dropped off the offender who was more than happy about it and off the rest of us went.
We stopped by subway, grabbed a few subs and went to the park to eat them at a picnic table in the sun. We watched Bren play at the playground for about an hour and spent another hour exploring the trails all around that area.
It was bliss for me!
I love that kind of thing.
The place was packed with dad's and kids spending time together. Some of them were fishing at the pond, some were pushing giggling kids on swings and others were tossing a baseball back and forth.
We missed David and wished he was with us.
To all the Dad's out there including my own who is spending the afternoon grilling out with my brothers in Florida, Happy Father's Day!!!!
Our lives are better for the investment of your strength, your love and your guidance.


Laura said...

Awww, still sounds like a decent day minus the fact that David and well Zach, missed out on the fun.

I had a wonderful day of having my sister show me up with a dads gift ugh. I got my dad some nice lovely yellow roses, and my sister came in not long after to surprise him with a round of golf.

The kids just seem to keep on getting bigger. Love the pic of all four of em together and LoL at Zach's shirt.

You guys are all kinds of awesome

Mo said...

Sounds like you had a blessed day!

If you liked yesterday's weather, just wait. It does get better and better!