Monday, June 23, 2008

All Hail the Big Red Berry!

Welcome to the Marysville Strawberry Festival 2008!
Now, I love Strawberries and I'll celebrate fruit just as joyfully as the next girl, but this town goes all out for their strawberries!

We went to the carnival on Friday and the kids rode lots of fun rides.

Bummed that she was not yet tall enough for the big kid rides, Bren really enjoyed herself on the roller coaster and various airplane/helicopter ride rip offs.

There were plenty of thrills and chills for the big kids too!

See that blue cage facing down up there in the sky?
My babies are in there!

The Zipper was by far the favorite ride of the day.
At first I kept telling Zach that I was too old to ride this ride and I had kids to raise, couldn't risk dying while Dad is deployed...blah, blah, blah.
But, when you are challenged by your persistant 16 year old son,
you gotta rise to the occassion or lose your standing as "cool mom who jumped out of an airplane on her 30th birthday".
So, in an effort to not lose my standing, I risked losing my dignity and allowed myself to be locked into this crazy ride.
Do you know how creaky the bolts are on these things?
One little loose screw and our cage would be coming to a crash landing a few blocks away.
I'm proud to say though that Zach and I did a record nine flips in a row.
I know this because Zach counted them loudy as they happened while I closed my eyes tightly, held my breath and tried to find my happy place.
Mission accomplished.
Cool mom standing in tact.
The following may be offensive, surprising, shocking, foretelling, cause for concern, or hilarious depending on where you are in your life.
Please close your eyes if you do not yet have teenage boys....... or if you think they'd never do something like this...... or if you think you'd never photograph it.

He's 16.
Don't judge me.
On Saturday we went to the carnival again and then put our chairs out on the street to watch an hour and a half long parade and a fireworks show.
The parade was pretty good...lots of floats and fun acts for the kids.


musingwoman said...

I can handle rollercoasters but those cage rides give me a panic attack!

Looks like you all had a great time. And love that last photo! I've got three sons, ages 17-23, so I'm not shocked at all. :)

musingwoman said...

I can handle roller coasters but those cage rides give me a panic attack!

And love that last photo! I've got three sons, ages 17-23, so I'm not shocked at all. :)

Laura said...

Wow looks like alot of fun! And wow your brave. You cant pay me enough to get back in that cage. I did it once and no hearing the bolts, looking at everything as to if one thing came out id be hitting the ground IN a cage. No no NO!.

But the rest looked fun. I woulda had fun chillin with Bren on her rides hehe.

Oh Zach, and I must say I thank you for just the whole post in general. It made me smile and laugh and just cheered me up. Say thanks to Zach to LoL

Cheryl said...

It looks like a great time was had by all. I used to love the Zipper, but no more rides for me. My friend in Marysville mentioned the Strawberry Festival, but here I got to see it.

angie.a said...

bwhahaha!!! I LOVE the last shot. I've got one almost 14 and he's going to be a handful too (no pun intended.) :P

Rebekah said...

What a fun outing! And I am totally laughing at the last picture - I think boys never grow out of stuff like that, as I'm pretty sure my 35yr. old Chad would do the same thing ;)

Mackey said...

Love thelast shot.
Boys & Boobs. lol
Mine is 13...I understand.
Heck my hubby is 44....he is still fasiscinated.:P