Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Seattle Thing....

On Saturday the girls and I met my friend Jessica and her daughter Mattie in Seattle for a day of fun.
Jessica lives in Bremerton, Wa which is about two hours from me.

We went to the Seattle Aquarium and saw all sorts of sea life.

Bren loved the touch pools full of star fish and all sorts of squishy, spiney things.

She made a rockin' whale hat at the craft center.

The sea otters were the most entertaining exhibit of the day.

One self indulgent otter figured out how to scratch her own belly on a rock.
Doing so required her to be upside down underwater with her legs positioned so that she would have enough leverage to move her belly up and down against the rock.

She'd be down for a few minutes and then come up for a big gulp of air which is what you see her doing here in center of this photo.

It was hysterical to watch!

Seattle is such a clean city.

I'm not overwhelmed when I'm driving there and I'm not afraid to walk on the streets.

It has the same sort of feel as Boston did for me, only it's smaller and less intimidating.
It is the polar opposite of New York which overwhelmed me so much that I don't even remember seeing anything but whizzing colors and flurries of neon activity while I tried to keep Bren from darting out into the streets or from being swallowed up by the enormous crowds!
LA has a completely different feel.
Some parts were fine for exploring and others had such a seedy feel that you'd wish you were armed for your own safety.

On the day we went to Seattle, the streets were full of families with young children all out enjoying the sights.
I felt completely at ease and happy to be there.
I can't wait to explore it more when David comes home.
I think he'd really enjoy it.

Of course we had to visit the fish throwers at Pikes Place Market!

The fish all looked so good, I really wanted to buy some salmon or halibut to bring home and cook.

Too bad there was not a blue crab in sight or I surely would have gone home with a few dozen!

Yikes! That salmon must be GOOD!

The flowers at the market were gorgeous!

I could not believe the prices!!

I bought a $15 bouquet of assorted wildflowers and had enough to split between two vases when I got home!
We also tasted some peaches and some cherries at a produce stand.
Both were so delicious!
I'm definitely going back for some of those!

Jessica and I have been friends for years.

We actually met in Georgia in 1993 when Jessica was only 11 or 12.

She immediately fit right in with our family and became a sort of "mother's helper" to me at a time when I really needed one.

I was a young mother with two little boys and a husband who deployed alot.

Jessica stepped right in to lend a hand and be a friend and sort of big sister to my kids.

As the years passed and she turned into a teenager, we developed a close friendship.

Jessica was such a huge part of my kids growing up and they were so lucky to have her be in their lives.

When Madison was a baby/toddler Jessica was one of her favorite people in the whole world.

It has been such a blessing to watch Jessica grow into a beautiful woman and wonderful mother.
Her daughter Mattie is such a joy!
She is a people magnet and was all smiles the whole day long.
Jessica and her husband Paul are expecting baby number two this Fall!
I'm so happy that I will be able to meet her new little newborn without either of us having to buy a plane ticket!
Here are some shots of her very special and precious little girl
Mattie Marie.....


Rebekah said...

Mattie Marie is darling :) Friends like Jessica are hard to find - you are blessed.

Looks like/sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love the picture with the octopus stuck to the tank.

kristi said...

Wow, this makes me want to go to Seattle!

kristi said...

Wow, this makes me want to go to Seattle!

Anonymous said...

Oh, looks like you had a great time!! I just love the waterfront - so much fun, and you're right - Seattle is a very clean city! We're spoiled that way..

Oh, and the Copper River salmon - that's actually cheaper than I thought - they were predicting $40+ a pound! It really is good, but I probably wouldn't pay more than $20 and haven't had any for years LOL :)


Katey said...

ahhh makes me homesick glad you like it there...