Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jumping for Joy!

Yipppeee for Madison (AKA whirled girl)!!!
She's been saving up for a few months and finally has enough money to pay her share of an airplane ticket to Rhode Island!
I booked her flight this morning
and she'll get to spend 2 weeks with her friends in New England!

Here are some other shots from this week of the girls enjoying the blue skies that we are SO thankful for!!!


Mo said...

Yea for Madison!

Can I say how awesome I believe it is you're teaching her how to save and pay part of her way early on in life? Awesome!

The weather 'round these parts has been pretty darn great lately hasn't it? Summer is on the way for sure!

Laura said...

Awww great job Madison!.

Wow the jumpin picture is awesome!. You really got some awesome looking, smart, kinda, and loveable kids Becca. Thanks for sharing them with us. Reading your posts, sharing in your pictures and seeing your life, its just a real big mood lifter.


Anonymous said...

fun colors and photos!!!

jonahbonah said...

I think I tell you this ALL THE TIME...I love your blog!!! And I love your photgraphy!! I really am going to send you some tees for Bren!! SOON!

I'm so happy for your daughter! What are you going to do with such an empty house??? Only two down for the summer...I guess that's leave lots of time for YOU!!!!!! Take it girl! You deserve it!