Thursday, September 4, 2008

These are blackberries, right?

And these are not.........

The above photo was actually taken last September at the house I grew up in.
I made a trip back there to visit and found them growing all along the street,
just as they had when I was about Bren's age.
I remember my friend and I getting a belly full of them
when we were little girls
and then making a trip to the ER to have our stomachs pumped!
As pretty as those berries are on their bright pink stems,
they are not for human consumption!
But these are!

They grow wild all along our street.
For a few days now, Michael and Bren would disappear for a bit
and come home with purple tongues.

I decided to go along with Bren on a berry picking excursion last night.
She showed me all the best places to pick the fattest berries and avoid the scarriest spiders.

We had so much fun and brought home a bucket full of blackberries!

If you've been following my blog for a while,
you know how much Bren likes snails.
She seems to find one wherever she goes and brings them home with her all the time.
We decided to leave this one to enjoy his berry vines undisturbed.

Here's our bounty of blackberries!!!


Mo said...

Fresh fruit indeed!

I'd be joining the kiddos and disappearing each night too if those grew on my street.

Great pictures by you, as usual.

Laura said...

My gosh Bren looks like shes grown so much especially in that second pic of her.

Ive never been a berry fan. I was always afraid of picking em and eating them and them turning out to be poison berries.

Strawberries are about the only berries I eat.

Great pics and thanks for sharing another fun day.

"MoodyBlue" Jodi said...

Now that's what I call fresh fruit! The pictures are beautiful. Love the one of Bren on the rock looking at the camera. Just beautiful!