Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Day Stories....

3:30 finally arrived!!!!
Madison and I waited excitedly at the bus stop along with some other Kindergarten moms.
After a few minutes we heard the bus roaring around the curve and up the hill.
Then we saw her waving as if she was on a float in a parade!
She was sitting by her neighborhood friend Miss K
who goes to afternoon Kindergarten half days.

Look at that face!
She's so proud at having completed her first day of Kindergarten.
I asked her all about her day as soon as we got in the door.
She told me about doing a craft and cutting out the lion for the hat she's wearing.
She remembered to bring her lunch bag, backpack and jacket home.
She had recess and learned that when the bell rings, it means that it's time to come back inside.
She said that she likes her teacher and had a great day!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Oh I love the bus coming around the corner shot..dunno why but I do. I love that you captured that.

Looks like she had a great first day. I can't believe my little four year cousin started his first day of school this year

*sniff* they grow up so fast.