Monday, September 15, 2008

Need a Little Color in Your Life?

Well, you've come to the right place!!!

How's this for your dose of completely adorable today?

We did this shoot for a dear friend this afternoon.
She's just putting together her Fall line
so I wont tell you who she is yet until she gets the whole line up on her site!
Let this serve as a "sneak peek teaser "
for what I'm sure will be a fabulous showing!

I'll be back soon to announce the mystery designer!

I love this shot!
It's so kitschy and cute!
I'm thinking of enlarging it and putting it in Bren's bedroom.

This pose was Madison's idea who tagged along (reluctantly) on this shoot,
but who ended up having some really great ideas!

Another fave!

The "glasses" are Madison's.
Go on, admit it!
If you were a child of the 80's
you probably had a pair of glasses with plain plastic or glass lenses
that served no purpose whatsoever except to make you look
"like totally Gnarly, dude!" right?
Well, I sure did....fashionista that I am!
For a while there, I never went anywhere without them
or my swatch watch, of course!
I wish I could dig up an old photo of me wearing them.
I might work on that this week!

See, they even make five year olds look like
"totally tubular, for sure!"

Getting any hints of who this totally rad designer is?

Leave a guess in my comment box and
check back soon to see if you are right!


Laura said...

I wish I could tell you im here with a guess but im not sure. However I will say this whoever it is they are truly talented and amazing the clothes look so cute!.

And okay, how cool is that rainbow painted fence!

The one you mentioned enlarging I think thats a great idea!. Its cute and fun and totally bren ^_^.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the third glasses picture. They make her look like super sophisticated and grown up. I totally had fake glasses when I was a I don't need the fake kind anymore blah. I miss wearing the cheap walmart sunglasses cause I wont wear contact.

Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Was it Lisa of Little Bits.

I forgot to add that.

Her stuff seems to be bright and funky and fun. Though most of the stuff I have saw Bren in the colors always seem to pop and just look so darn cute.

Mari said...

Could Bren get any cuter?? What an adorable DOLL!! LOVE the bright colors and that fence ROCKS!! Perfect photos Becca!

momy4him said...

no idea who the designer is, but i am aweing over bren and her modeling! she's so cute!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE. Bren is such a cutie.

I have no idea who the designer is, because I'm an idiot, but the glasses made me smile. I never bought a pair (my Mom wouldn't let me), but I sure did want one. Mostly, because they made me look SMART and people took me much more seriously. The trials and tribulations of being a thinking blond.

Katey said...

where did you find that perfect wall???!!

guilty as charged with the swatch for the glasses...I needed them LOL they are very real

Joyce said...

I recall a picture of you with a white sailor dress and BIG red Glasses, you must have it I'll look to . Love the shots XXOO

Anonymous said...

Very cute pics becca! I can't believe our kids are growing so fast...ahhh! Make them slow down for just a bit. :)
I would give anything to go back to that white house in GA and watch Zach and Steph play amoung the azalea's. -Stacy

The Perfect Trio said...

I'm going to guess those designs are by Little*bits*by*lisa!!! She's a wonderful talent...if I'm wrong then the mystery designer is also a great talent!!!

Bren is such a doll! I am trying so hard to get something together for her to model for me....I'm sorry I haven't sent anything in a while.


Lisa said...

Thanks everyone, but it's not me!

I'm guessing Baby Go Retro. And off to look at more pics.

Little Bits

Baby Go Retro said...

I love the pic's!! Thanks Becca!! You girls did an amazing job! The clothes are mine and I am sooooo excited to get them on the site..can't wait till your on the front page..such amazing color and Bren is a super model!
Baby Go Retro

mackey said...

I just happened on through Blogtations.
Must say I love ur pics & u have a beautiful family!

Sandi Henderson said...

OK these are over the top cute! She's got that sassy look down! LOL

Kinda like the fabric choices too..