Thursday, September 18, 2008

Check out number 18!!

That's my boy!!
Or as Zachary screamed from the stands during a particularly awesome play,
"That's my brother, baby!!"

Michael is starting defense this year for 8th grade football.
He LOVES it and is having so much fun being a part of the team.

Look at him about to wrap up number 37!

The Wildcats had their first game yesterday and won in overtime!

I just love watching him play!

We all do.

Zach, who is usually the one on the field
is video taping every game for David.

He got an awesome play on tape from a scrimmage the team did on Tuesday.
We are trying to figure out how to transfer the video onto the internet
so we can share it here.
I think we are missing a cord or something.
We'll figure it out, and then you'll all get to share in the excitement!

You go, Michael!!!

We are all so proud of you!!!!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Wow thats so awesome and how great of Zach to be out there cheering on his brother. Your family is just so amazing I cant stop telling you that everytime I leave a comment.

Im excited to see the game once you find the cord. My guess it would be a usb cord like how you get pictures off a photo camera *shrug* I dont have a video cam yet so im not much help LoL.

Way to go Michael, play hard, stay safe, im sure your making the wildcats proud!.