Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Beautiful Game...........

As if the first day of Kindergarten was not enough excitement for one weekend,
Bren also had her first soccer game on Saturday.
Proudly decked out in pink and purple from head to toe,
the Ponytail Posse hit the field for the first time against the Cheetahs.
Bren, "little number 4", had so much fun!

She was a bit more timid than I thought she'd be,
but she definitely had her head in the game.
She stayed right up with the ball
and didn't pick flowers or hunt lady bugs
like I've seen many sweet little girls do at this age level.

She got her foot on the ball once or twice,
but definitely wasn't as aggressive as we all thought she'd be.
During a break she told me that she was afraid
to get her foot in the middle of the swarm
because she was afraid she'd get hurt.
I'm sure that her confidence level will go up the more she gets into the action.

She worked up a sweat though and ran her little heart out!

Half time pep talk.

I LOVE this shot!

Bren got to do a kick off at the start of the second half.

And she got to do a goal kick too.

Everytime they had a break,
she'd come over to her fans for a hug and some high fives.

Go Ponytail Posse!!!!

And then of course,
everyone knows that one of the best parts of soccer
is the after game oranges!!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Way to go girl!

It's okay to be a little afraid but it looks like you did great. Check you out being all up there with the ball.

Those oranges look mighty tasty and way to keep hydrated!.

Way to rock the pink Bren!