Friday, August 8, 2008

Yummy Cupcakes......

My friend Linda is the queen of research and she used her skills to find this cupcake shop in Seattle.
She made a quick stop at my house while enroute to Canada with her mom and sisters last week.
On their way back, we spent a day together and this cupcake shop was on our list of places to visit.
They had some great flavors like
espresso, mint, strawberry, dark chocolate and orange.

We also peeked into some interesting little shops on the same street.

I found these parasoles in a little local artists shop
and I thought they'd make a great photo prop.
Linda's daughter Katie, helped me decide if they were big enough to use with models.
Isn't she cute?
I ended up with a gorgeous orange one which I hope you will see soon in some of my photos.

I had to include this photo of Madison.
I took it on the steps beside the cupcake shop and I think it's my new favorite of her.
Sometimes I look at her and it takes my breath away because she's becoming such a gorgeous young lady.
Her Daddy is going to be so shocked at how much she has changed in five months!


Laura said...

o.o cupcake!. Yum!.

Gosh I just cant seem to ever stress enough on how much I love the pics you take.

This pic of Maddie is right up there, though I still love that one you took of her when she got her hair done, I really like the pose you got here with this new one.

Cant wait to see the orange parasole!

Joyce said...

Yes she is so lovely and i know what it is like to look on your daughter and feel those feelings enjoy her and still remember .favour is deceitful and beauty is VAIN :but a women that loves the lord will be praised. she has both what a blessing just like her MOM.XXOO

Kelly @ Love Well said...

That picture of Madison is beautiful. I just love it. You're right; your husband will be shocked. Kids grow so fast.

Rebekah said...

Oh great, now I want cupcakes!!!

That shot of Madison is incredible.

Mo said...

OMG! Cupcakes. A shop just for them? Putting this on the list of places to check out for sure.

Great shots as usual.

Hope you and the family are well.

Eckmama said...

Okay, I know we've never met, but I have to say I'm a little worried. You haven't posted since last Friday. I hope everyone is alright and things are just busy.
Thinking about you...