Friday, August 15, 2008

90 East

Hi Blog friends!!!
I've missed posting and I'm happy to read in my comments and e-mails that some of you missed me too!
I neglected to mention here that I was leaving for a quick vacation this week because I thought I'd be back before anyone missed me.
The girls and I left a rainy Seattle on Saturday afternoon for what was supposed to be a quick three day trip to visit friends in Spokane.
We ended up staying two extra days because we were having so much fun.
Here is some of what lies between Seattle and Spokane.....

The gorgeous Cascade Mountains!

We turned a corner and gasped at the sudden beauty of this rainbow.
It was amazing!
We could see it from end to end.
Madison and I talked for miles about how God romances us with simple things like this all the time if we'll just recognize His hand in the little things.

There were loads of farms in the foothills.
One clever farm owner placed a sign on the highway that said,
"Crop names in fence line."
Sure enough there were little blue signs for 10 or so miles indicating what was planted in the fields behind them.
How often have you passed a field and wondered what it was that was growing there?
We saw three kinds of potatoes, two kinds of corn, peas and alfalpha growing in his fields.
It was a great distraction from what can be a boring stretch of highway.

There is alot of this......... nothing but vastness.
But it's only a short 5 hour drive between Seattle and Spokane and it was well worth the drive!

And here's one of the main reasons why we made the trip!
Linda and Lisa!
Linda lives in Spokane and Lisa flew up from Southern California.
I have not seen Lisa in almost 4 years.
We all met in California while we were stationed there and became fast friends.
We'd go out on girls nights to movies and dinner.
We'd help each other decorate, rock each others babies and do all the things that good friends do.
It was so awesome to reunite for a bit and to make plans to do it again!!
I have so many photos to add to the blog in the next few days so check back soon!


Laura said...

Its so great to hear from you!!!. I was actually going to email you today and see if all was going well!.

Id say it was a well worth trip. The pics are well all your pics are amazing but zomg the rainbow one, were you guys actually driving or did you pull over somewhere cause just GUH gorgeous. Holy what a sight.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the trip!

Joyfully Crafted said...

What a beautiful rainbow. God's promises are so beautiful. Sounds like you had an awesome time especially with two extra days. So fun!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful, so peaceful..
Glad you had a good trip.
Ala. Grandmother

Anonymous said...

i love this beautiful moments that i also feels it and your picture is amazing