Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bumpers please!!

In an effort to find activities that please the whole crowd,
we chose bowling on Thursday night.
Bren and I bowled on one lane with bumpers of course,
and the rest of the gang bowled on the lane next to us.

Bren had so much fun!
Since it was just her and I on one lane, it kept things moving pretty quickly and she was able to throw alot of balls.
She did pretty well for a five year old.
I still beat her though!
And everyone else too, but they are not counting it since I had bumpers!

I think Zach won on his lane with Michael in a close second.

The girls had a great time too.
It seems bowling is an ageless sport!

Have I mentioned how great it is to have the boys home?
Michael went out and mowed our lawn, pulled weeds, got the whole outside looking awesome AND cleaned out the garage without me even asking him to!
He said he just missed me so much that he wanted to do everything he could around the house to help me out.
LOVE him!!!!!!!
I'm such a lucky mom!


Mo said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. Bowling is indeed an ageless sport.

A lucky and LOVED mom indeed!

Laura said...

Seriously anything looks like it would be fun with you and the gang!.

I was going to say I haven't gone bowling in like forever, but I went on my 21st birthday with my mom, sister & her bf at the time.

The bowling ball looks massive in the pic of Bren holding it, but I really like the color of it, and it matches her outfit so well