Saturday, August 2, 2008

Way down in the dirty south.......

There is a very special family that we love and adore!
Conn, Trudy, Dylan and Nick Cole.
Michael was able to spend some time with them while he was there.
He's good friends with Nick.
Trudy sent me these photos this morning which made me long for the smell of fried catfish, the sound of a charming southern drawl, the feeling of uncontrollable laughter, the taste of sweet tea and the sting of a fresh sunburn!

Don't they just look like a load of trouble?
Nick, Michael and Josh.
Never a dull moment with these three!
Josh is Michael's very best friend.
It was at Josh's house that Michael stayed for five weeks....
bless his tired momma!
I just heard from Grandma and Grandpa that both Zachary and Michael are having a great time in Pace, Florida.
They caught 35 pounds of catfish yesterday which I'm sure is being fried up as I type this!
There is a tradition at Grandpa's house that I'm sure will happen again this Summer.
It involves several watermelons a hose and lots of buckets of water!
They grow their watermelons sweet down there, but nothing is as sweet as grabbing a handfull of juicy watermelon and throwing it at a loved one!
Have fun boys! I miss you!!

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Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog last night. I love the black and white photos at the top of your front page. An absolutely beautiful family!