Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Look Mom, No Hands!!!!

Following in the tradition of her brothers, her sister, her mom and two of her uncles, Bren has taken on the sport of soccer!

She was so excited to finally get out on the field and find out what those pink and black cleats can do!

She is on an all girl U6 soccer team called

"The Ponytail Possee"

On Monday night all of the U6 teams practice together in a soccer workshop put on by soccer players from the UK.

This is Coach Scott leading Bren's group.
She is going to learn so much about the game this year!

After practice, look who we went and got at the airport.........

Riding the people mover trying to find the gate......


"Oh no, the paparazzi is here!"

Yup! Madison is HOME!!!

I'm so happy to have my girl back again!


JOY said...

Great pictures thanks Becca for shareing Enjoy these precious years .Love you MOM

Laura said...

Awwww im dying over the cuteness here with Bren in her soccor glory!. The one of her sitting on the ball infront of the bet I just love that!. Great shots as always looks like she is going to have a blast.

Now from dying to cute to dying of laughter the one of Maddie where you have the saying oh now the paparazzi is here LMAO to perfect! Glad she made it back safe and sound, im sure she will fill you in on her awesome adventures.

Love the last pic of her. Seriously your one of the coolest moms!