Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks Jon and Kate plus 8!

We had one of those nights last night
when sleep just did not come upon us at our usual bed time.
I put Bren down at 9:00 which is later than usual, but still reasonable
compared to what some of our summer nights have been like.
But, Michael and I just weren't tired even at midnight.
So, we ordered a movie from on demand.
We watched a new release called
We both loved it!
After that, we still weren't sleepy,
so I switched to the free movie section
and we watched Ed TV.
This is one of my favorite comedies, but Michael had never seen it.
I must have been more tired than I thought because I didn't make it past
Ed kissing his brother's disgruntled girlfriend, so I went on up to bed at 2:30 am!!
Anyway, long story short...
we had a very late night last of the last pleasures of Summer.
So in turn, we had a very lazy, late waking morning.
One of the first things I saw this morning
besides Bren giggling beside me in the warm covers of my bed,
was a rerun of Jon and Kate plus 8.
It was Mother's Day morning and Jon was making french toast for Kate
with the help of the kids.
That was all Bren and I needed to see.
We headed down to the kitchen and made our own french toast.
It was the perfect breakfast for a coolish, groggy morning.

Bren sprinkled the cinnamon and the powered sugar
on the pile of french toast that I flipped around on the griddle.

A little butter to finish it off
and we were ready for a sweet start to our Wednesday morning.

Today is a special day too..........

Bren gets to meet her Kindergarten teacher tonight at orientation!!
We are so excited!!!


Mo said...

What a great way to end the evening and start the morning.

Happy orientation!

Katey said...

we are sooooooooo having that for breakfast tomorrow....would have it for dinner, but Joey already made homemade mac n cheese....I have some good links to blogs about Jon and Kate if you want them....fills the day with mind numbing drama that is pretty entertaining LOL

Mari said...

YUUUMY!! Have FUN Bren!! Good luck! Kindergarten is a FUN time!

Laura said...

Heh I totally know the Jon and Kate episode your talking about.

I have to say, I LOVE that you took pics of the butter and powdered sugar. You really know how to make it feel like we were there.

I cant get over how grown up Bren keeps getting in pics!.

Happy Summer!
Thanks for sharing it with us