Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pedicures and Airplanes......

We are thrilled to have two extra girls at our house this week!
Madison's best friend Jesse, with whom she just spent two weeks in Rhode Island,
and Ana, Jesse's sister and also Zach's best friend,
flew to our house on Sunday morning from LA.

They were in LA with their mom for a week
and we arranged it so that the girls could fly here for a week
before flying home to Rhode Island.
It was very last minute, but we pulled it off!
I'm so happy we did because Zach has no idea that they are here.
He's been asking me all Summer if we could have Ana visit, but I just kept telling him that it didn't look like it would work.

We were all so excited for the "big reveal" when Zach would see Ana at the airport on Tuesday night. We talked about all the different senarios that could happen and all the different ways that we could surprise the boys.

We celebrated our last day of all girls with a day at the nail salon.

We enjoyed pedicures and manicures and had fun being together.

For those of you who have been following my story for a while,
here's a visual of how much progress I've made with my ankle....
There's still quite a bit of swelling from the break and surgery,
but I'm getting around so much better and I only have a slight limp.
The human body is just amazing!

Bren enjoyed hanging with the big girls
and getting the royal treatment as well!

Ana got a new set of acrylics put on.

And some creative polish!

And now for the reunion!!!!!

Here we are waiting for the flight to land.
We arrived in enough time to scope out the place
so we would be able to plan a great surprise for Zach.

We decided that for maximum surprise effect, we should plan a dramatic reveal.
Ana and Jesse hid behind the glass of the escalator that we'd be going down.

When the boys saw us from way down the hall, they held hands and skipped to us.....crazy things!
Madison, Bren and I greeted the boys with huge hugs!!!
It was so great to see them again!

And then as we were going down the escalator,
Ana and Jesse turned around and jumped up.
As soon as Zach saw them he screamed, "WHAT???!!!!!" over and over.
I don't think he could register in his brain that Ana was actually there!

Ana and Jesse hopped on the escalator right behind us and
Zach was so excited he dropped his skateboard and kinda bounced from foot to foot waiting for her to get off the escalator.


Zach skipped with Ana to baggage claim while Zach sang the "Ana's Here" theme song.... just one of many silly tunes swimming around in his head.

I'm sure that strangers thought we were all insane, but it was a fun scene to watch!
We were so proud at how perfectly we had pulled of the surprise.
This is something that we will all talk about for years to come.
It was a really hard secret to keep,
especially when Ana was standing in our living room texting Zach back that she was sorry the flight did not work out and that he'd better fly to Rhode Island next summer to see his best friend!

Now off to more adventures in Washington this week.....


JOY said...

WOW! what excitment great memory and your such a GREAT Mom!!!!xxoo

Laura said...

Aww the man and pedicures looked like it was a fun day for your girls day. Nice way to celebrate it!.

And your ankle may be a little big still but seriously look how cute your feet are!...and Im not usually one to comment on feet

Wow the boys look like they have gotten bigger. And back to the paparazzi Maddie pic..I think Zachs face is pretty priceless in the one where Micheal and Madison seem to be enjoying conversation.

Seriously skipping down to you, your whole family just rocks !

And you, one of the coolest moms I know!. That was a well planned surprise and it totally worked out very well!. That was such a cute little celebration and jumping for anticipation. Skipping off together just topped the cake.

Well I think your all far from insane. Your close and there is alot of love!

Glad to see the boys made it home safely

kristi said...

Very cool!!