Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ya gotta have friends......

You know that one friend in your life who just gets you? The one who knows just what to say when you are feeling sad and who adds so much to your life that you feel almost like family?
Well, for me, that's Linda.
We met in California and after her move to Spokane 4 years ago and my move to Georgia shortly after, we've spent most of our friendship long distance.
We've been having so much fun crashing at her house while we wait for our moving truck to get to Marysville.

The boys went to shoot arrows the other day and really had a great time.

Thanks to a suggestion left on my comments (thanks Sandi!!!), we went to Huhots in Spokane for some mongolian BBQ.

The boys have had a blast playing basketball almost every evening.
It seems that the sons gave the Dads a run for their money.

We also went to the river front in Spokane and let the kids feed the ducks and run around a little. That whole area is so pretty and seems like it would be a really fun place in the summer when it warms up a bit.
It snowed while we were there, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

Here's the 8 of our kids ranging in age from 4-16!
We'll be so sad to leave on Wednesday, but like Linda says, at least we are in the same time zone.
I see lots of camping trips in our future.


momy4him said...

yay you made it! so glad that you are together again with the streltzoffs. say hi to linda for me!

Laura K said...

Just need to point out how much Im loving these shots as you know how much I adore your shots in general. But I really like the in action basketball ones. They look really great with them off the ground making there shots.

THe one of Bren Looking towards the little dude, seriously can she get any cuter! Love it along with there backs towards you at the lake/pond. You just have that eye for a nice shot.

Then the one of everyone together thats a great idea.

Looks like your having fun and a making some great stops on the way to your new home.

Travel safe!

Joyce said...

Thanks linda , for your giveing heart! see that she see's this Becca XXOOO

Mari said...

Almost there! I'm glad you had a chance to relax with your good friend Linda.

May God bless the rest of your trip and I cant wait to meet you!!