Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hello Washington!!!!

The drive from Missoula, MT to Spokane, Wa was the most beautiful of the whole trip.
The mountains in Idaho are just breathtaking!

Can you believe the amount of snow they have in April?! The whole Welcome to Idaho sign was almost completely covered by the snow bank.

This is the lake in Couer D'alene Idaho. I probably murdered that name, but I'm way too tired to look it up right now. It's such a pretty place! If you haven't ever been here, put it on your list of places to see.

And finally, we crossed the state line into Washington!
Our home state for the next three to four years. It took us a long 7 days to get here, but we saw so many beautiful and interesting sights along the way.
We've still got 5 hours to go until we get to Marysville.
We're enjoying our time here in Spokane with our friends, the Streltzoff's while we wait for our moving truck to catch up with us.


Anonymous said...

Wow definatly looks like a lovely place to visit. I like the water pic. Then again im always been partial to water views in scenery pics. Really looks like a nice place. Glad your having a safe trip.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Those mountains are breathtaking. What a fun trip. You got to see America.

JOY said...

WOW! what a Splendid world GOD has given us to enjoy! only a peek of what the new one will be like .:-) thank for shareing your view

Mari said...

It is indeed gorgeous here. I LOVE Washington State. With all the glorious Cascade Mountains, it just screams God's Creation.

I am so glad to see you made it Becca. I've been waiting to see that Welcome to Washington State sign that I have passed so many times!!

Kidbodies said...

Becca - I've been out of town (fabric show in Los Angeles) then came home to a week of jury duty.
Just finished catching up on your trip blog. How exciting & what an amazing adventure :)


Thinking of you & your family,

marine's words said...

I just found you blog on aonther blog and so on and, I started to read how you miss your bestfriend-I can understand you I lived in Roswell NM for 12 years I had one of those kind of friends then I got divorce and moved 500 miles away the 1st year was the hardest its been almost 19 years since then we still talk our kids have grown and we too have grown apart however I will never forget her and that wouderfull frindship we share and I have never found a friend like that again to be honest those ones are hard to come by so try and stay in touch as much as you can. wishing you the best.marina