Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Look,Mom! Faces on the mountain!!!!

Sorry I left you all hanging last night!

We stopped in Billings Montana but the hotel's internet access crashed and I couldn't get on to blog.

We started the day out with a visit to Mount Rushmore. It was so neat to see in person what I had only read about in history books.

Most of the attractions in the little town of Keystone, SD that accompany Mt. Rushmore were closed until the end of April, but we made the best of the day and explored the trails around the mountain, stopping for photo ops of course.

Hwy 212...................

Where the deer and the antelope play.....and nothing else!

We crossed into Wyoming on lonely Hwy 212 and before we knew it, we were through it and into Montana.

Would you look at this? I mean seriously look at it.

Can you imagine living here?

Every once in a while, we'd see a mail box on this road ( hwy 212 ) and a dirt driveway leading off to the left or right and then far off in the distance we'd see a house. The kids and I would spend the next few miles talking about what it must be like to live in this kind of solitude.

I suppose the peace would be alluring. It would definitely take a few weeks to detox from our dependence on entertainment, but I imagine that after the shock of no shopping at the mall or pizza delivery, we might actually enjoy this kind of lifestyle. But then again, I really like people and I love interacting with them and meeting new personalities, so I'm not sure I'm cut out for the kind of loneliness that I assume goes along with living so far away from civilization.

Madison took all of the scenery photos. I especially love this one!


MoodyBlue said...

Again, what phenomenal pictures. I have to honestly say, I would LOVE to live in that kind of solitude. I live in NJ and it is SO fast paced here & it is just becoming worse & worse. Ok, maybe not live there permanently, but I would love to take a break or spend a few months in solitude like that to gather my thoughts. Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful photos. It makes us feel like we're along on your journey.

May God bless you on your journey & keep you & your family safe.

Baby Go Retro said...

I am loving reading your journey..I adore road trips and you have a fabulous writing style! Plus Bren is living in BGR I fun! Good to know they stand up to road trips!! Be safe..enjoy..see you in WA soon!! The weather has been lovely..perfect timing!


Christy said...

I was showing my children your photos - my daughter could not get over the picture of you with your daughters. (She and I look nothing alike). She thought you and your older daughter could be twins. Thought you'd like to know that.

Laura K said...

Gorgeous gorgeous pics!. Way to use a camera Madison they look amazing. Quite the view really.

I really love the pic of the three of you. Your whole entire family is so photo genetic. You just take such lovely pictures its always a pleasure to see what you can do with a shot.

The Bean said...

Digging the piccies! WTG Madison!