Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Happy Boobie Shirts"

On Sunday we ran the race for the cure in Spokane, Washington.

Linda's sister Jennifer and her friends from work put together a team to run for one of Jennifer's friend's mom who has been battling breast cancer this year.
They raised an incredible amount of money by selling these "Boobie" shirts.
If you would like to order a shirt and read more about their team, just click here.

It was so moving to see all of the survivors and their families run the race.

There was an option to be timed, but we didn't sign Michael up for that. I stood at the finish line and counted the runners that came in. Michael came in 38th and was the second person that I saw come in without a yellow tag which indicated that they were a timed runner.
I'm so proud of him!

Zachary and David also ran the race as did Linda's husband and daughter.

Linda's sister and father ran too.

The girl in the pink is Linda's daughter Katie.

Here is Team Gigi, or otherwise known as the boobie shirt team.

Having been surrounded by boobie shirts and boobie talk all day long, Bren remained kind of quiet and just took it all in.
Later that night when I tucked her into bed, she said,
"Thank you God for my friends and thank you God for my family.
And thank you God for Happy Boobie Shirts!


breanne said...

Say hello to Scott & Linda for me! Glad you made it to Washington safely!

Joyce said...

Go MICHAEL! I see many runs for him , So proud of all of you ,you make my heart sing. This move is to be the best yet, I feel great things ahead i can't explain it just know it . XXOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY BREN!!!My 5 year ---- 15year old. Nana -- Miss you so much

MoodyBlue said...

You must be so proud of your son. That is beautiful!

Joyce said...

Cant wait till you have time to get on line . I miss your words, American Idol tonight --- Wowed me Neil diamond -- Amazing Grace--- I will be buying it . I felt the power of Christ.As I am sure all His childern did .Praise be to God XXOO