Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A day of extremes.....

Day 6 of our travels and we find ourselves in the rocky mountains of Montana.
Montana seems to be anything but consistent.
She's got wide open prairies, dry rocky hills and soaring snow covered mountains.

Montana is definitely a wild state with little cluster cities separated by many miles.
Her scenery is beautiful at times and monotonous at others.

Madison got some gorgeous shots again!
I'm so excited to see how great of a photographer she becomes!

We've stopped for the night once again in Montana.
We are in Missoula now...just three hours from our friend's house in Spokane, Washington where we will spend the next couple of days.
We decided to drive just four hours today so we can let the snow storm that is coming blow over. We hit lots of snowy spots and some ice through the mountains, so I'm not up for braving that again when we can stop and enjoy one more night in the hot tub!!
Thanks again for coming along with us on our trip!!
I'll have more to blog from Spokane and then we'll head to Marysville, WA on Sunday!!


Cheryl said...

Just wanted to say hi. I've been following your journey. I went cross-country after high school and remember the miles and miles of empty roads. Are you moving to Marysville? One of my favorite blog friends lives there!

Anonymous said...

OH! Missoula is my hometown! I am jealous. If you haven't had dinner or you have time for lunch before you go, you must go to HuHots. It is out of this world yummy!


Anonymous said...

I really love the scenic views. Its always a nice change to see something new.

Thank you again for allowing us to travel with ya.

The Bean said...

Love seeing Madison's pictures! Great job!

Keep on trucking Becca!


Anonymous said...

Your photos are always so breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your journey with us! You are showing me lots of beautiful places I have never been! I finally got my blog up and running so I added your blog link to mine!
Hugs! Continue to have a fun and safe journey!

Rebekah said...

These photos remind me of the beauty that I loved about living in Montana. Of course, I still prefer the city ;)

Hope your move continues to go smoothly!

kristi said...

I have family that lives in Missoula. I've never been! I want to go!!