Monday, February 2, 2009

All you need is love.....

Since everyone knows that
February is the luuuuv month,
I thought I'd feature a few love songs
on my playlist
over the next two weeks.
These songs aren't my "best love song list"
or anything official like that.
So don't read into them.
They are just songs that have stuck with me
for some reason or another.
Some will take you back to great memories,
some might make you laugh,
some you might hate,
others you will not be able to get out of your head,
but all of them have one common theme.
Heart pounding, soul aching,
breathless love.
What would we do without it?
First up...
Always by Atlantic Star.
Scott Wicke, if you are reading this
I wonder if you remember us singing loudly along to this
everytime it would come on the radio.
You'd sing the boy part,
and naturally,
I'd screw up the girl part
in a way that only I could pull off!
In my mind,
this is "our" song!
Love ya, man!

And since no post is complete
without some photos,
let me introduce you to
the new Michael Cleary!

He was ready for a change
and decided to go pretty short this time!

I absolutely love it!
He's a little unsure.
He's getting lots of teasing from his long haired hippy friends!

That's Ok though.
He's always been who he is.
Not one to follow the crowd,
it's fitting that he would
choose a hair style that is different
from anyone he hangs around with right now.

And, I'm just loving that I can see his
handsome face and his pretty eyes!

The first thing he said?
"Man, I just don't know what to do with my eye brows now!
I can express so many emotions with them!"
I love that kid!


Joyce said...

So funny!!! Hear this !last night I ordered 150$ in CD's to send to you of what else but love songs of the 70's , Song which remind me of your youth and song's I love also.Look for them soon . XXOO

mackey said...

" I don't know what to do withmy eyebrows now." hahahahahaha
Too funny.
What a handsome boy er' I mean, young man.He does look quite a bit younger with that haircut.

Justine said...

Hi! I was just reading through my comments and saw yours. I've seen your blog before and really enjoy your photographs. I'm currently working on building up my skills. Your kids are adorable!