Friday, January 30, 2009

Seattle Children's Museum....

Ok, drama aside,
back to our regularly scheduled program....
The Seattle Children's Museum!

Bren and I took a day trip
this week
with my friend Melissa
and her two adorable girls.

You will recall Melissa from
the shoot I did of her family last month.
Her husband is deploying to Iraq soon
and is already gone doing the preliminary stuff
before he actually leaves the country.

So, Melissa and I will be filling lots of
days with play dates, and
grown-up mommy activities.
I'm really looking forward to
spending more time with her!

To our delight, Bren and Angelina made fast friends
and were a great match for eachother.

They danced on the stage together and
excitedly explored the whole museum!

I'll admit,
I was a little teeny bit nervous
when I saw the start of this masterpiece!!
Those of you who remember the famous
art work of a few months ago,
know why!!
But it turned out to be a box with a bow on top!

The craft section was a favorite for all the girls.
Bren made a "tiara" from the scraps in the recycle bin.

And she
(when I say, "She", I mean "I")
made a little birds nest
complete with mommy bird perched on the side
and four eggs
out of clay.
Bren did make the little eggs!
No way I'm taking credit for those beauties!

We ended the day with a little rock wall climbing
and headed home!

There's no better way to spend a cold, rainy Seattle day
then exploring something new indoors!!
Next stop....
the Imaginarium in Everett!!

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vicki said...

So much fun! That brought back sweet memories of taking our boys there years ago. Awesome museum and a great place to share friendship.